Bringing Back the Good Old Songs
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width="180"Boomerang Rev 1: Al, Rob, Steve, and Jim


Boomerang formed originally in 2000 from four members of the Peninsulaires Barbershop Chorus, Al Ward, Steve Wolf, Jim Gray, and lead singer Rob Sequera. The name "Boomerang" was a play on our members; we were baby-boomers and Silicon Valley boomers... and our lead singer was Australian!

  Boomerang Rev 1.5a: Al, Rob, Steve, Ramin

We've been at it ever since! About 5 years ago Rob and Jim moved on to other pursuits, and after a temporary period with another Australian lead (Patrick Herlihy) we became the Boomerang of today; Lead Ramin Keyvan, Bass Steve Wolf, Baritone Dave Morley, and Tenor Al Ward.

We're often asked how often we get together to practice. We meet weekly, over a bowl of "Pho" at our local Vietnamese restaurant, then practice our old repertoire and new songs for a few evening hours.

Boomerang today: Steve, Al, Dave (standing), Ramin (seated)

Not surprisingly, we don't do this for a living - each of us has a "Day Job". Ramin is the founder and president of Rhino Networks, a high-tech support and consulting firm. Al, along with his business partner Jim Flynn run one of the most successful State Farm agencies in the country, in Palo Alto. Steve and his sister run a large high-tech manufacturing company in Sunnyvale, Vander-Bend Manufacturing. And Dave... well he's retired from a software management role at Amdahl, but he's the busiest of the group, volunteering everywhere and taking on leadership roles in each case; for example, he's the president of the California Youth Symphony board, and a long list of other organizations